Google Introduces “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”

CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA protects the websites you from spam and abuse. So, when you go online—say, for some last-minute holiday shopping—you won’t be competing with robots and abusive scripts to access sites. For a long time, we have struggles with the below … Continue Reading →

dating tips

Dating Tips :What’s the new Dating tool ?

Dating Tips :What’s the new Dating tool ? Finding the right partner is a quite a tedious task. Most shy men tend to take too much pressure of making too much of an effort when out on a date. And … Continue Reading →

SSL  Security

SSL Security

As the name suggests SSL is a security protocol. It is a technology which provides an encrypted (concealed or hidden) link between the browser or a web server and a client.It allows sensitive information (like credit card info, login credentials … Continue Reading →

FixitClub – Now Repair Anything

Hello friends, I am back again and writing some stuff for you guys after a long time. Have you heard about Fixit Club ? Now you don’t need to call any service man to repair your household appliances and machinery unless … Continue Reading →

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