Make Bootable Pendrive

Install windows 7/XP/2000 from pendrive

Many of  the users ask the question that how can we install windows from pendrive. Many laptops doesn’t have CD/DVD support. So I am giving the better solution, you have to first make a pendrive bootable, for that you have … Continue Reading →

'U'nable to 'U'nhide Folders and Files

Many people have this problem that they can’t switch to Unhide Option mode for folders and files in Windows Xp, it remains in hidden mode. I have also faced lot many problem like that but still i have a solution … Continue Reading →

Run commands for Windows XP

All the commands for Run works in Windows XP . You have to click on “start”  than “Run” or even click windows button along with “R” .You can enter all the commands in the console box. Program       … Continue Reading →

Windows XP Installation Procedure…

Basically Windows Xp (X-periance) comes with many versions. Some of them are : Windows XP Home Edition – Designed for Home Users. Windows XP Professional – Designed for Bussiness Purposes. Windows XP Starter Edition Windows XP Media Center Edition Windows … Continue Reading →