Make Bootable Pendrive

Install windows 7/XP/2000 from pendrive

Many of ¬†the users ask the question that how can we install windows from pendrive. Many laptops doesn’t have CD/DVD support. So I am giving the better solution, you have to first make a pendrive bootable, for that you have … Continue Reading →

Bash Shell

Run Commands without saving into history [LINUX]

Hello guys ! Do you know, how can we execute the command on a bash shell without saving into the history! If you want to do some work on your own computer or logged on to the others pc, you … Continue Reading →

Feel your Facebook on your Desktop by Fliptoast

About Facebook, we already know that how it becomes popular day by day as it reaches its 700,000,000¬†users across the world. If you are the fan of Facebook, can’t live without friends and you have to do some other important … Continue Reading →