Crack your zip passwords

“fcrackzip” – zip-file encryption cracker, which can recover/get any encrypted zipfile passwords. There are various ways to do this but crack the password on a linux is very easy task. What you have to do is- just install fcrackzip on linux … Continue Reading →

Capacitive Touch v/s Resistive Touch

Capacitive Touch : The Capacitive touch Screen made up of Glass Panel coated with special material as it has a property of storing the electrical charge. When we touch our finger to screen then some charge are transfered to the … Continue Reading →

Free Calls

Guys now you can easily make free calls from computer to phone very easily. For this you need to download one console  named ” TUITALK ” . By downloading this console you can make 3 free calls per day each … Continue Reading →

The Making Of Orkut

Orkut, the most famous social networking site came into existence after great effort of Mr. Orkut Buyukkoten. The site was developed when Mr. Orkut lost his girlfriend in a train accident and was unable to find her after making lots … Continue Reading →

G-Mail With Multiple InBoxes !

Google inserted yet another feature to its G-mail i.e Multiple Inboxes . This new feature give you to handle multiple Inboxes in same gmail window.  These can be seen in the panes which has a specific label you set to … Continue Reading →