Coolbizz x Swirled Sequin Bodycon Dress

Coolbizz x Swirled Sequin Bodycon Dress – Three Quarter Length Sleeves/ Black and Gold Over White This coolbizz x swirled sequin bodycon dress is exquisitely created from a mid-weight sequined mesh. Great attention to detail was made in … Continue Reading →

Run commands for Windows XP

All the commands for Run works in Windows XP . You have to click on “start”  than “Run” or even click windows button along with “R” .You can enter all the commands in the console box. Program       … Continue Reading →


Well there is a difference in both the television’s i.e. LED & LCD in many features. The major differences are as follows: LED                                     … Continue Reading →

Microsoft launches AZURE for cloud computing in February 2010

Windows AZURE platform will allow user to discover manage data subscription with AZURE.It is itself a scalable,manageable technology that supports both .NET and native technologies including CGI and PHP,along with MICRSOFT and Non-MICRSOFT. An Article by — Vinil Mehta Share … Continue Reading → x Dress-Lace Inc Red Summer Lace Dress x Dress-Lace Inc Red Summer Lace Dress / Adjustable Straps / Criss-Cross Detail This x fun, playful red summer dress is made for the hot summer nights and cooler summer evenings. The lightweight woven fabric moves with … Continue Reading →